Different dosage forms that are effective

“Different dosage forms that are effective”

Normally in the pharmacies the different dosage forms of the drugs are available. Similar is the case with the pepto bismol. The pepto bismol is available in the oral form as well as in the tablet forms. How we have to administer it and in which conditions it will be safe. For the administration of the drug some of the things should be in your mind; Age of the dog, overall health, weight and the size of the dog.

People ask can I give dog pepto bismol tablets. Yes you can but you should have to administer the tablet after every six to eight hours. And the dose should have to be adjusting on the bases of the one fourth of the tablet per twenty pounds of the weight. And you have to administer it after every six to eight hours.

The conditions in which the Pepto bismol is to be given

It is the safest drug that is being used for the treatment of:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • loose stool

How to take the medication

The drug pepto bismol should not to be administering for more than two to three days. As the it also have the sever adverse effect which may be some times are life threatening. You have to take the medication and then concern the doctor if the symptoms are still not corrected.

How to treat the dog upset stomach

The people asks can I give dog pepto bismol tablets. There are two dosage forms that are being available. If your dog is not taking syrup then you can administer the tablets to the dog. The other question that is being asked mostly is that for how much duration we have to take the medicine

How to treat the Vomiting diarrhea

For about four hours you should not have to administer any of the food or another food item. You have to offer about the drug with small amount of the water to be mixed in it. The dose which should be given is one teaspoon per five pounds then adjusts the dose according to the weight of the dog. If the symptoms are not being treated after three to four doses then you should have to concern the doctor.

In diarrhea you have to administer about one teaspoon of pepto bismol per five pounds or that of the one tablespoon of the medicine per fifteen pounds after every two hours. Still if the diarrhea not cures then you should have to contact with the doctor.